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Baseus I-wok Series Screen Hanging Light (Fighting) Pro USB Asymmetric Light Source

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or 3 installments of LKR 3,650.00 with

  • Light Memory Function
  • Anti-blue Light
  • Free From Stroboflash
  • Stepless Dimming
  • Three Light Modes

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Why do You Need a Display Light?-Limited desktop space?Too bright/too dim?Shiny and dazzling screen?

In the era of lot, computers are indispensable for work, study, entertainment and games, but too bright/too dim light will directly pose burden on your eyes.i-WOK display light focuses on providing Lighting solutions for computer desktops with display space light source technology.

i-Wok display light

Dimming for Eye Protection Illuminating the Desktop Horizon


Light memory function, Anti-blue light, Stepless dimming
Three light modes, USB power supply, Simple lamp body
Occupy little space, Fix in 1 second

Focus on Lighting for Desktop, Area Clearly Light Up the Files in Front of the Display

A unique gravity rotating shaft structure design is adopted based on the Lighting requirements of the desktop, so that the light can be focus on Lighting for desktop area, and the keyboard and files In front of the display can be uniformly illuminated.

Three Color Temperatures, One-touch Switching

Three light modes white light, warm Light and mixed light, color temperature range 2900K-5000K, press once to adjust, comfortable and eye protective, making work and study more efficient.
White light (5000K): clear lighting, efficient office work
Mixed light (4000K): neutral cotor temperature, easy reading
Warm light (2900K):soft Light, comfortable viewing

Stepless Dimming, Apply the Brightness You Desired

Rotate the knob to adjust brightness freely and meet the brightness needs of different environments and different groups of people.

USB Power Supply Design

Provided with Type-C charging cable,which can be lit directly by connecting to the computer.

Fix in 1 Second, Save More Space without Base

Featured with gravity rotating shaft fixing device,the gravity base is adjusted to a proper angle to be directly hung on the display by fitting with its thickness,thus realizing the fixing in 1 second.

Angle Adjustment

*The thinner the display thickness, the smaller the included angle between gravity bases. Suitable for display with the thickness of 0. 5cm-4cm.
The above data are measured by the Baseus laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances.

Even the Top Glasses are No Better than a Good Light

The self-developed Lighting required for screen work is free from the blue light hazard, visual stroboscopic effect, and is more eye-protecting. With one simple touch, it solves the problem of screen light, and meet the light requirements of different scenes.
(*Turn on the camera of the mobile phone and point it at the LED light source for close observation to conduct stroboscopic detection.)

Simple Light Body, Beautiful and Useful

The Lines are simple and smooth, with light luxury aluminum alloy material, which is beautiful and textured, not occupying desktop space.

Craft A Perfect Light, Fine Workmanship, Visible Texture

Aluminum alloy enclosure: Firm and stable, matte texture without decoloration
Double spindle design: Easy adjustment of your angle
Gravity pivot clip: Easy and stable, avoid scratching the screen
Enhanced stablity from soft silicone: Enhanced screen friction for more

Eve Protected Light Source, More Efficient for Drawing

Stay up late to work overtime,enjoy clear Lighting and more efficient work.

Game and Entertainment, Enjoy More with Better Light

Gaming with connected live chatting/play with mobile phones, just enjoy more without groping in darkness and never hurt your eyes.

When the Lights and Power are OFF, Never Affect Sleep of Roommates

Homework is still not finished?It’s better to have light on without disturbing others

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